Major International Snowshoe Competitions

(As compiled by the United States Snowshoe Association, Inc.)




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6th        La Ciaspolada                          Fondo, Italy                                

6th        Mad Trapper #1                       Low, Quebec, Canada               

20th      Yeti #1                                     Mt. Washington B.C., Canada    

21st      Racchettinvalle                          Pragelato, Italy                           

27th      Mad Trapper #2                       Low, Quebec, Canada               




3rd        Yeti #2                                                                   Mt. Seymour B.C., Canada        

10th      Finland National Snowshoe Racing Champinships    Lohja, Finland                           

11th      North American Champs.                                        Beaver Creek Resort, Avon, CO

24th      Mad Trapper #3                                                     Low, Quebec, Canada               

24th      Yeti #3                                                                   TBA                                           

25th      Japanese National Champs                               Ikenotaira Area, Nigata Prefecture

                                                                                     Myoko-Kogen (Myoko Highlands)



4th        Canadian Natl Champs.            Low, Quebec, Canada               

4th        Snowrunning                             Soldeu el Tarter, Andorra           

10th      U.S. National Champs.             Minneapolis, Minnesota USA  

11th      The Original Black Race           Switzerland                                 

17th      Yeti #4                                     Cypress Mtn., B.C., Canada      

18th      Master des Neiges                    Thones, France                          




1st        World Snowshoe Champs.       Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria    ,

21st      Yeti Ascent                              Mt. Seymour B.C., Canada        





?          Finland Natl Champs.               _____________________                  ___________________

?          Yellowreed Race                      Kars, Turkey                                        ___________________

?          ________________                __________, New Zealand                  ___________________

?          ________________                Verbier, Switzerland                             ___________________