Official USSSA Legal Size for Snowshoes

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USSSA Snowshoe Size Regulations


     According to U.S. Snowshoe Association regulations, approved and adopted by the USSSA’s Board of Regional Athletic Delegates (BORAD) during the summer of 2002, snowshoes worn in a USSSA sanctioned snowshoe event must be a non-prototype snowshoe designed for an adult that meets or exceeds 120 square inches of functional surface area AND can be no smaller than 7” wide by 20” long. That being said, and due to frequent inquiries as to which snowshoe models are legal and which are not, the following list of USSSA approved snowshoes has been compiled. The models listed below have been shown to meet or exceed the USSSA’s minimum requirements. The fact that a particular snowshoe model is not listed here does not necessarily mean that it does not meet the USSSA’s standards. It may simply mean that the USSSA has not yet determined whether the model does, or doesn’t, meet the minimum size standards. But, race directors of USSSA sanctioned events have the discretion to refuse participation or disqualify from the results of their event any athlete not competing in a ‘legal’ pair of snowshoes.

·        It is the athlete’s responsibility to make certain their equipment meets USSSA standards if they are participating in a USSSA sanctioned event.

·        It is the race director’s responsibility to enforce the USSSA regulations.

·        It is the USSSA’s responsibility to develop a uniform code of regulations that all USSSA events and event participants comply with in order to provide a fair and equitable arena of competition for all athletes regardless of size, gender or ability.

Any questions regarding these regulations may be directed to any member of the USSSA’s current BORAD (see or the USSSA Sports Director at


Current List of “Legal” Racing Snowshoe models:

Atlas Dual-Trac SL’s (Super Lights) NeviTREK Snowshoe Model Sprinter 
Atlas Dual-Tracs NeviTREK Sprinter 22
Atlas Race 22 Northern Lites Race (all models)
Atlas Run 22 Northern Lites Elite (all models)
Baldas Andey Race Snowshoe OT- Racing Shoe
Crecentmoon Permagrin 12’s (new 8” x 22” model) Redfeather Pace – Model 25
Crescentmoon Permagrin 12’s (8” x 24.75” model Redfeather Stride – Model 21
Dion Snowshoes Model 121 Sprint Redfeather Vapor
Dion Snowshoes Model 120LT Redfeather Race
Dion Snowshoes Model 120 Redfeather Pace 21
Easton VO2 Racing Snowshoe TSL 305 Step-In Racers
Faber Challenge Racing Snowshoe TSL Symbioz
Faber Aerobic Fitness Snowshoe Tubb’s 10k’s
GV Race ST Snowshoe Tubbs Catalysts
Kahtoola FLIGHTdeck Gemini Tubbs Criteriums
Kahtoola FLIGHTdeck Gypsy Tubbs Piranha
Louis Garneau Course 721 Yukon Charlie Race Ultra-Lite
MS Sprint Snowshoe Yukon Charlie Elite
  Yukon Charlie Elite Spin
  Yukon Charlie Pro II

Note: Other adult snowshoe models that measure at least 8” x 21,” would likely be legal for USSSA competition, for example, 8” x 24” and 8” x 25” models, etc. No adult snowshoe model with dimensions less than 7” x 21” has been found to meet the USSSA minimum size standard at this time.