2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Team


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Junior Girls Team



2005 & 2006 U.S. Junior

National Girls Champion, Anna Leib of Golden CO

Johannah Ludington of Morrisville, VT, the 2006 Junior National

Runner-up (Center in blue)


Erika Gates of Vestal, NY


Junior Boys Team


2006 U.S. Junior

National Boys Champion,

Christian Thompson of Candor NY

2005 Junior Boys Champ &

2006 National Runner-up,

Jason Ayr of MA.

Mike Geary of

Rochester, NY

Senior Womenís Team

Huntington VTís 2006

Senior National Womenís Snowshoe Championó

Kasie Enman

2003 U.S. Womenís Senior National Champion & 2006 Runner-Up,

Lelli Lusk of Belchertown, MA

Laura Wheatley of Estes Park, CO, 2006 Bronze Medalist

Sarah Raitter of Estes Park, CO, 2006 Fourth Place

Cindy Brochman of Maplewood MN, number 5087 center front, seen here at the 2004 La Ciaspolada Snowshoe Race in Fondo Italy, is a two time National Team member.

Senior Menís Team

2006 U.S. Senior Menís

National Champion,

Greg Hexum

of Duluth, MN.

2006 & 2004 National

Runner-Up  Paul Low of

Belchertown, MA.

2006 Bronze Medalist,

Bill Raitter

of Estes Park, CO.

Photos by Stephen Goodhue at 2006 Nationals in Vermont



2002 & 2006 National Team member,

Rich Bolt, now in Oregon.


Mark Churchill

of Morrisville, Vermon



                                                 2006 Junior Girlís 5km National Team

                                                                            (Top 3)

                                    1st        Anna Leib                    Colorado                      24:15

                                    2nd       Johanna Ludington        Vermont                       25:33

                                    3rd        Erika Gates                  New York                    27:39


2006 Junior Boyís 5km National Team

                                    (Top 3)

1st        Christian Thompson      New York                    20:16

2nd        Jason Ayr                     Massachusetts              20:24

3rd        Mike Geary                  New York                    20:27


            2006 Senior Womenís 10km National Team

                                    (Top 5)

1st        Kasie Enman                Vermont                       53:07

2nd        Kelli Lusk                     Massachusetts              54:43

3rd        Laura Wheatley            Colorado                      55:34

4th        Sarah Raitter                Colorado                      56:08

5th        Cindy Brochman           Minnesota                    57:10


            2006 Senior Menís 10km National Team

                                    (Top 5)

1st        Greg Hexum                 Minnesota                    42:42

2nd        Paul Low                      Massachusetts              43:11

3rd        Bill Raitter                    Colorado                      43:52

4th        Rich Bolt                      New Hampshire           44:13

5th        Mark Churchill              Vermont                       45:09




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