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2013 National Teams

All National Team photos courtesy of Steve Sanders Photography


Junior Men's and Woman's Teams


B. Nutt P. Schmitt M. Ramsay J. Miller R. Jones

2013 U.S. Jr Womenís Natl Snowshoe Champ. - McKenna Ramsay of Dillon, CO

National Junior Womenís Runner-Up - Rachael Jones of Fairport, NY

Third Place - Bonnie Nutt of Phillips, WI


 2013 U.S. Jr Menís Natl Snowshoe Champ. - Justin Miller of Lake Oswego, OR

National Junior Menís Runner-Up - Louis Ferrone II of Paul Smiths, NY

Third Place - Paul Schmitt of Stoddard, WI 



Senior Women's Team


C. Stocker B. Erholtz S. Howe C. Runde D. Bergman

2013 Senior Womenís Natl Snowshoe Champion - Stephanie Howe of Bend, OR

National Senior Womenís Runner-Up -  Brandy Erholtz of Evergreen, CO

Third Place - Carolyn Stocker of Westfield, MA

Fourth Place - Dolores Bergmann of Chester, CA

Fifth Place - Christy Runde of Brush Prairie, WA



Senior Men's Team


J. Middaugh E. Hartmark M. Mandoza R. Phillips D. Prahl

         2013 Senior Menís National Snowshoe Champion - Josiah Middaugh of Vail CO

National Senior Menís Runner-Up - Eric Hartmark of Duluth, MN

Third Place- Mario Mendoza of Bend, OR

Fourth Place - Ryan Phillips of Sturgis, SD

Fifth Place - Daniel Prahl of Portland, OR