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On these pages you will find the latest news releases, memos to participants and other news of interest to all people interested in the world of snowshoe racing
2/22/06 BORAD Nomination
TO: All Media
FROM: Mark Elmore, U.S. Snowshoe Assoc. Sports Director
DATE: Monday March 27th, 2006
RE: 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships
     Well, the 2006 United States National Snowshoe Championships are in the book! Building upon successful past Championships, these were the biggest and, arguably, the best yet! One hundred and seventy six of the most competitive snowshoe athletes in the country traveled to the Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley Vermont to compete for National Championship Titles, 2006 National Team berths and age group honors. Athletes representing twenty-one different U.S. States were joined by international athletes from Canada, France and Mexico to challenge the demanding Junior 5km and Senior 10km courses over the trails of the Bolton Valley Resort Nordic Center.
     In addition to the National Championship 5km and 10km events, a Citizenís 5km (27 participants), Kidís Kilo (12 participants) and Championship Banquet (over 170 participants) were also conducted on Saturday, while the 4 x 2.05km Snowshoe Team Relay (13 teams with 52 participants) capped off the weekendís activities on Sunday.  In all, more than 230 athletes took part in the weekendís events! Another event record!!!
     Many sponsors attended the events. The weekend featured displays and demos by U.S. National Championship Program Presenting Sponsors; Atlas Snowshoes, Kahtoola Traction Devices and Eastern Mountain Sports. Also in attendance were National Snowshoe Team footwear outfitter New England Overshoes from nearby Burlington Vermont.  Onion River Sports of Montpelier VT, Dion Snowshoes of Readsboro VT and on Sunday, Exel Sports U.S. of Georgia VT, who attended to provide a free Nordic Snowshoe Walking Clinic, were also present.  The USSSA wishes to thank all sponsors who supported the newly expanded U.S. National Championship Program this past season. Supporting the event, some providing items for the prize raffle, but not physically present, were Crescentmoon Snowshoes, Columbia Sportswear, Vermont Sports Council, Vermont Sports Magazine, and the Vermont State Tourism Agency. The Bolton Valley Resort played the role of perfect hosts, right down to providing enough snow to get the job done! While so many other parts of the country, especially in the Northeast, saw a lack of snow this season. Bolton Valley came through in the clutch! With three feet of snow falling in the ten days preceding the Championships, the trails were in the best shape possible, given the crazy winter weather this season.
     The 2007 National Championships move onto the North Central region next season at a site yet to be announced. Whoever hosts next season will have another tough task to follow this yearís Championship event! But, we said the same thing after the 2005 Championship in Anchorage Alaska! Many thanks to the Bolton Valley Resort, all our generous USSSA sponsors and our loyal USSSA members! You made the 2005-2006 season our best ever!
Event Results
(Complete results can be found at www.snowshoeracing.com)
2006 Junior Girlís 5km National Team
                                                                        (Top 3)
1st        Anna Leib                    Colorado                      24:15
2nd        Johanna Ludington        Vermont                       25:33
3rd        Erika Gates                  New York                    27:39
            2006 Junior Boyís 5km National Team
                                    (Top 3)
1st        Christian Thompson      New York                    20:16
2nd        Jason Ayr                     Massachusetts              20:24
3rd        Mike Geary                  New York                    20:27
            2006 Senior Womenís 10km National Team
                                    (Top 5)
1st        Kasie Enman                Vermont                       53:07
2nd        Kelli Lusk                     Massachusetts              54:43
3rd        Laura Wheatley            Colorado                      55:34
4th        Sarah Raitter                Colorado                      56:08
5th        Cindy Brochman           Minnesota                    57:10
            2006 Senior Menís 10km National Team
                                    (Top 5)
1st        Greg Hexum                 Minnesota                    42:42
2nd        Paul Low                      Massachusetts              43:11
3rd        Bill Raitter                    Colorado                      43:52
4th        Rich Bolt                      New Hampshire           44:13
5th        Mark Churchill Vermont                       45:09
International Menís Division
1st        Antonio Holguin            MEXICO                     46:21
2nd        Christian Vachon          CANADA                   46:28
3rd        Jimmy Gobeil                CANADA                   47:05
4th        Martin Ladouceur         CANADA                   48:45
5th        Jean-Nicolas Duval       CANADA                   50:17
International Womenís Division
1st        Sarah Montgomery       CANADA                   1:01.28
2nd        Maya Siriwardana        FRANCE                     1:15.02
3rd        Jessica Coll                  CANADA                   1:16.33
Citizenís 5km Snowshoe Race
                                                                                  (Top 3)
                                    1st        Bridget Polow              Vermont                       30:25
                                    2nd        Ann Bushey                  Vermont                       30:53
                                    3rd        Colleen Murray            New York                    31:42
                                                                                 (Top 3)
                                    1st        Connor Bibb                Vermont                       22:02
                                    2nd        Dave Dunham               Massachusetts              23:29
                                    3rd        Kevin Brochman           Minnesota                    25:11
4 x 2.05 km Snowshoe Team Relay
Junior Girlís Division:
Place               Time                Team Members
1st place           54:06               Lynann Lorenz, Sarah White, Erika Gates, Alexis Stanley
Junior Boyís Division:
1st place           44:19               Jonathan Pinto, Ethan Bernstein, Ruben Land, Mike Geary
Junior Mixed Division:
1st place           56:10               Judy & Debbie Merzbach, Carolyn Campbell, Zach Rivers
Open Men:
1st place           38:47               Kevin Tilton, Paul Low, Ben Nephew, Rich Bolt
2nd place           39:49               Christian Vachon, Jean-Nicolas Duval, Martin Ladouceur, Jimmy Gobeil
Open Mixed:
1st place           44:56               Peter Maksimow, Robert Yerex, Mike Decker, Kelli Lusk
2nd place           1:03.13            Ann Vanucci, Chris Ford, Scott & Todd Lamothe
Master Men:
1st place           42:23               Carl Johnston, Jason Urckfitz, Alan Mead, Alan Evans
2nd place           43:52               Dan Verrington, Ken Clark, Rob Smith, Dave Dunham
3rd place           48:50               Mark Rickman, Rich Lachowski, Brent Weigner, Jamie Boese
4th place           52:07               Peter Malinowski, Steve Rivers, Brian Geary, Ralph Merzbach
Masters Mixed:
1st place           48:20               Jim Graupner, Jim McDonell, Cindy Brochman, Curt Krieger
2nd place           54:50               Bill Morse, Carol Kane, Brian Dodge, Bob Dion
Kidís Kilo
1st place                       Josiah Heil                    Wisconsin
2nd place                       Carter Lacrosse            New Hampshire
3rd place                       Bridger Lambert           Texas
4th place                       Abigail Heil                   Wisconsin
5th place                       Dillon Beckum  Maine
6th place                       Thea Lacrosse              New Hampshire
7th place                       Rebekah Heil                Wisconsin
8th place                       Brian Bushey                Vermont
9th place                       Mikeeli Hanson            New York
10th place                     Sadie Sumner               Vermont
11th place                     Elizabeth Mitchell          Vermont
12th place                     Eliza Thomas                Vermont
Senior National Championship Regional Scoring:
Senior Womenís Regional Results
(Cross-Country Scoring Ė 7 members per team place, first five score)
1st place           26 Points          Northeastern Region             1. Kasie Enman                        VT                   1st
                                                                                                2. Kelli Lusk                             MA                  2nd
                                                                                                3. Kelie Gregoire                      NY                  6th
                                                                                                4. Sheila Osgood                      MA                  8th
                                                                                                5. Jessica Tylutki                      NY                  9th
2nd place         40 Points          Rocky Mountain Region       1. Laura Wheatley                    CO                  3rd
                                                                                                2. Sarah Raitter                        CO                  4th
                                                                                                3. Laurie Lambert                     TX                   7th
                                                                                                4. Andrea Kinzey-Wheeler       CO                  12th
                                                                                                5. Tina Oberheide                     CO                  14th
** North Central, Western and Alaskan regions were incomplete **
Senior Menís Regional Results
(Cross-Country Scoring Ė 7 members per team place, first five score)
1st place           30 Points          Northeastern Region                 1. Paul Low                              MA                  2nd
                                                                                                2. Rich Bolt                              NH                  4th
                                                                                                3. Mark Churchill                     VT                   5th
                                                                                                4. Kevin Tilton              NH                  9th
                                                                                                5. Greg Hammett                      NH                  10th
2nd place         50 Points          North Central Region            1. Greg Hexum             MN                  1st
                                                                                                2. Scott Gall                             IA                    6th
                                                                                                3. Mike Decker                        MI                   8th
                                                                                                4. David Schuneman                 MN                  16th
                                                                                                5. Kasey Schmitt                      IA                    19th
3rd place          68 Points          Rocky Mountain Region       1. Bill Raitter                            CO                  3rd
                                                                                                2. Bernie Boettcher                   CO                  7th
                                                                                                3. Dewey Peacock                   MT                  15th
                                                                                                4. Jamie Boese             CO                  20th
                                                                                                5. Robert Creer                        UT                   23rd
**  Western and Alaskan regions were Incomplete **

Press Release

TO: Assorted Regional/Local Media
FROM: Mark Elmore, USSSA Sports Director
DATE: Tuesday March 21st, 2006
RE: U.S. Athletes garner medals at First World Snowshoe Championships in Austria!

Ramsau Austria: Two New York State athletes recently traveled to Ramsau am Dachstein outside of Salzburg Austria to compete in the first ever Atlas Snowshoes Dachstein Xtreme World Snowshoe Racing Championships. The 7.8km snowshoe race, which took place at altitudes approaching 10,000 feet on the Dachstein Glacier, was shortened to 6.8km in length due to extremely heavy recent snowfall and subsequent avalanche risks.  Aaron Robertson of Rouses Point NY and the current US Menís National Snowshoe Champion along with Rebecca Harman of Wilseyville NY, both U.S. Snowshoe Association and Empire State Snowshoe Racing Association members, competed in the event which also attracted athletes from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.

     Harman, a many time New York Empire State Winter Games Snowshoe Champion, ran to a second place finish garnering the United Statesí first World Snowshoe Championships Silver Medal.  Robertson, also a frequent Empire State Winter Games Snowshoe Champion, after recovering from a stress fracture earlier in the season, ran strongly to take 6th place in the Menís event. The dominant Italian menís team swept the medals. Results of the top three and U.S. athletes were as follows;


Place                           Name                                                  Country           Time

Gold Medal                Maria Graziani-Roberti             Italy                  32:26
Silver Medal              Rebecca Harman                     USA                 39:19
Bronze Medal            Rauni Parantain                         Finland             41:01


Gold Medal                Emanuele Manzi                                   Italy                  26:41
Silver Medal              Claudio Cassi                                       Italy                  26:52
Bronze Medal            Filippo Barizza                                      Italy                  28:47
Sixth Place                  Aaron Robertson                                  USA                33:18

     In the wake of their World Championship success, Harman will be competing in a 50km Trail Race in Maryland this weekend, while Robertson ventures to Bolton Valley Vermont to defend his National Menís title at the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships. For more information, go to www.snowshoeracing.com.

Wednesday February 22nd, 2006

ATTENTION -  All USSSA members who have qualified to participate in the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe ChampionshipsÖÖ

     It has been an 'odd' winter. Some places that normally receive plenty of snow, have received very little or none! While other places that have been struggling to get snow the past few seasons, got plenty! Some of our USSSA regional qualifying events had to be cancelled. While others were changed to footraces. All due to the lack of sustained cold weather and snow.


     If you have qualified to participate in the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships at the Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley Vermont next month, DO NOT for one second consider not coming because of a worry about lack of snow! There will be plenty of snow! The Bolton Valley Resort is situated in just a way that they get snow earlier, keep it longer and get more of it than most anywhere in the Northeast/New England! It is going to be a great Championship weekend!

     The Bolton Valley Resort is situated a short and easy 30 minute drive from Burlington Vermont. Vermont's 'Queen City' features the nearest major airport. Thrifty Rental Cars has provided discounted rates for rental cars to our members coming in for the Nationals. Call them to make your arrangements. The Resort is offering reasonably priced rooms right there so you can rise in the morning and hit the trails, or the ski slopes (if you're so inclined), with no delay or worries! Call the Resort to reserve your room today! After an invigorating day in the beautiful Vermont outdoors, enjoy a refreshing swim in their Sports Centers' indoor pool. Or, perhaps you'd prefer to soak in the hot tub or relax in the sauna. It's all right there.

     Friday March 24th will kick off the Championship Weekend with Athlete Registration/Check-In and Course Preview from 2-5pm that afternoon. The Junior National 5km, Senior National 10km and Citizen's 5km racecourses will be marked and open for inspection. As of 2/22/06, there are 33 pre-registered athletes who have made sure they won't miss out on all the snowshoe fun!

     Saturday March 25th will feature the Junior National 5km, Senior National 10km, Atlas Snowshoes Citizen's 5km and Kahtoola Kid's Kilo events. The Citizen's and Kid's Kilo event are open to athletes of all ages and abilities. Only the Junior 5km and Senior 10km National Championship events require that athletes have 'qualified' through a regional event. All other Championship Weekend events are 'open' to the public! There will be a professional photographer on hand taking photos all day. Also, Insight Media will be on site video recording the action to air later on a cable sports show entitled Rad X Sports.  Saturday evening will feature the first USSSA Athletes' Banquet. This buffet style meal is free to all registered athletes. Guests may purchase meal tickets also. But, we are hoping to have an accurate 'head count' prior to that weekend so the Resort can be sure to have enough food on hand. We are asking all participants to register early so we can get that head count. If you anticipate driving in just for the day and registering on site, please drop the Sports Director an email to let him know you will be attending and how many in your party expect to eat (email snowshoeguy@yahoo.com)

This would assist us greatly. Later Saturday evening, the USSSA will host it's annual Members Meeting. It will certainly have been a busy day! But, we're not quite done yet!

     Sunday March 26th will provide another exciting day of snowshoe fun. The Eastern Mountain Sports 4 x 2.5km Snowshoe Team Relay will start things off. This exciting event features 4 person teams with each athlete running 2.5km. Teams will be broken down into three age groups based on the average age of the four team members, i.e. Junior Boys and Girls (average age of 19 and under), Open Men and Women (average age of 20-39 yrs.) and Master Men and Women (average age of 40+ yrs.). This is an 'open' event, so bring your running buddies! Maybe running on snowshoes isn't for you. That's fine! Exel Sports USA will be there to conduct a Nordic Snowshoe Walking Clinic. This activity is sweeping the World as the latest winter fitness activity, walking on snowshoes using trekking poles. After a 45 minute to one hour free clinic, participate in our first-ever Exel Sports 5km Nordic Snowshoe Trek over the beautiful trails of the Bolton Valley Nordic Center. What a great way to polish off an incredible weekend!

     So, don't wait! Pre-register today! You may not have snow where you live, but Bolton Valley will have plenty when it counts! That's March 24th-26th, 2006 at the US Snowshoe Association's Sixth Annual United States National Snowshoe Championships! Check out all the event information, access entry forms, see who else has qualified from twenty different U.S. States, so far, all at www.snowshoeracing.com. Or call 518-643-8806 with your questions or email them to snowshoeguy@yahoo.com. You don't want to miss this one! The 2007 Nationals will once again resume their regional rotation across the Country by moving onto the North Central region.


See you in Vermont!!!


Mid-season Report

Press Release


     Well! Here we are at the end of a busy month of January. We have reached the mid-point of the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championship Series. Nine of the twenty regional events have been completed. An additional two events were cancelled due to lack of snow. There are still ten events to go, one of which is a replacement event for one that was cancelled earlier.  USSSA Membership is on record pace. As of the latest Membership Report (1/30/06 am), there are 181 members registered with the USSSA this season. There are already 172 athletes eligible to compete at the 2006 National Snowshoe Championships in Bolton Valley Vermont. So, the USSSA is on pace for a record-breaking season! Here is a brief breakdown of the regional events that have been conducted thus farÖ.

                        Site                              Total # of Participants                           # of Qualifiers              
1. Bolton Valley Resort, VT  (+)                       60                                                        44
2. Silverthrone, CO                                          146                                                      13
3. Park City, UT                                               44                                                        4
4. Bend, OR                                                     9                                                          3
5. Mendon, NY (*)                                          71                                                        45
6. Schroon Lake, NY (+)                                 46                                                        34
7. Flagstaff, AZ (*) (+)                         40                                                        2
8. Traverse City, MI                                         199                                                      9
9. Grand Marais, MN (+)                                 26                                                        4
                                                Sub-Totals:       641 total participants                            172 Qualifiers (@)
(+) denotes a new first-year event        
(*) denotes a trail race was held due to a lack of snow
(@) includes all 2005 National Team members who are automatically eligible for the Nationals.

     The ten events yet to take place are in Alaska, Massachusetts, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Montana, California, Minnesota, Colorado and Alaska.

     At this point in time, we also have ten international athletes who have qualified to participate in the 2006 US Nationals in VT. Nine of those ten athletes are from Southeastern Canada, just across the border from northern New York and Vermont. The tenth athlete is from Mexico! New in 2006, International athletes will continue to compete alongside the US athletes but will not displace American athletes. They will be competing in their own International division where the top 5 International Men and Women will be recognized with awards. There is the outside chance that a small team of athletes may attend from Finland. Snowshoe racing traditions date back as far as 150 years in

the northern New England and southeastern Canada region. So, it comes as no surprise that our friends from 'north of the border' are so interested in this Sport. 

     We are pleased to announce that the USSSA will conduct its first-ever Athletes' Banquet at the Nationals on Saturday evening. This buffet style meal will feature pasta dishes and a vegetarian option for those athletes so inclined. Non-athletes will be able to purchase a meal ticket so they can enjoy the meal as well. For participating athletes, this meal comes as part of your entry fee, which will remain the same as last years' Nationals in Alaska!

     The 2006 Nationals will also feature a number of our sponsors presenting at an Expo. Thus far, Kahtoola Traction Devices, New England Overshoes Co., perhaps Columbia Sportswear, Aruba Sport Eyewear and Atlas Snowshoe representatives will be present. Our race raffle will thus far feature prizes from Columbia Sportswear, Aruba Sport Eyewear, a pair of TSL Snowshoes, and NEOS. Many other prizes are expected to be collected. So, we hope to see you at the beautiful Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont in late March for all the exciting action, on the snow and off!

     Lastly, as per a recent USSSA BORAD decision, any member of the 2002, 2003, 2004  and 2005 U.S. National Snowshoe Team may now gain automatic eligibility to participate in the 2006 US National Snowshoe Championships. Former and 2005 Team members must be current USSSA members, but need not qualify by participating in a regional event. Obviously, these athletes have confirmed their status in the Sport and their inclusion in the National Championships will only serve to make the fields more competitive and the events more exciting! One can re-visit the USSSA website to ascertain who were members of the 2002-2005 US National Snowshoe Teams.

     The latest word from the Bolton Valley Resort (1/30/06 afternoon) was that they received over thirty inches of fresh powder last week, while the rest of the northeast was getting rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. Check out the Resort at www.boltonvalley.com. If you are looking to make room reservations, you must phone your reservation in. Do not attempt to lock in a reservation on-line. Go to the "Championships Update" page on the USSSA website for instructions.


Press Release

Team USA captures International Division of 2006 European Snowshoe Championships in Italy!

     A team of fifteen U.S. snowshoe athletes recently traveled to Fondo Italy to compete in the Fourth Annual European Snowshoe Championships during the prestigious 33rd Annual La Ciaspolada Snowshoe Race in the shadows of the Austrian Alps. Team USA, comprised of four members of the U.S. National Snowshoe Team and eleven other US Snowshoe Association members, under the direction of Team Coach Mark Elmore of Peru, NY, toed the starting line of the 7km snowshoe race with over 700 athletes from Italy, France, Morocco, Austria, Finland, Germany, Romania and Poland. An additional 6000 plus participants competed in the non-competitive division, making this the largest snowshoe race in the world.

     Leading Team USA to the International Title, i.e. the best non-Italian team, was Greg Hexum of Minnesota. Hexum completed his tour of the course in 32:02.3 finishing in 33rd place. Giuliano Battocletti of Team Italy won the event in an outstanding time of 27:42.7. He was followed by Claudio Cassi (Italy) in second and Marco Agostini (Italy) in third place. Right behind Hexum was Vermonter Mark Churchill in 36th place in 32:23.1. National Snowshoe Team members Jesse Haynes of CA and Charlie Wertheim of CO placed 50th and 52nd in 33:42.7 and 33:59.8 respectively. Rounding out the scoring for Team USA was National Junior Team member Zachary Rivers of Rochester, NY. The talented fifteen year old placed an incredible 80th in 36:34.6. Also competing for Team USA were;

116th place: Jules Embry-Pelrine of MA and Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith's, NY in 39:57.5
143rd place: Ed Myers of PA in 41:03.2
147th place: Jim Graupner of MN in 41:27.4
290th place: Steven Rivers of NY in 49:23.6
308th place: Phillip Dybfest-Muha of MA and Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith's NY in 50:08.2
364th place: Paul Fiondella of NY in 54:42.6.

     In the women's field, USSSA Membership Chairperson and National Women's Team member Cindy Brochman of MN, led the charge with her 18th place finish in 42:36.8. Cristina Scolari of Italy took the Championship title with her 34:29.6. She was followed closely by fellow Italians Maria Grazia Roberti in second and the 2005 champion Asha Tonolini in third place. Mary Fagan of Vermont, competing in her first Ciaspolada, finished  in 26th place in 45:29.6. Cazenovia NY resident Chary Griffin completed the Team USA scoring with her 59th place finish in 1:03.11.2. Completing the Team USA squad was Charla Bikman of NY who participated in the Non-Competitive division.

     The trip to Europe for these Championships was coordinated by the United States Snowshoe Association of Corinth, NY and also included day trips to Innsbruck Austria and Venice Italy. Next up are the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championship Series Regional Qualifier events culminating in the Sixth Annual National Snowshoe Championships on March 24th-26th, 2006 at the Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley Vermont. For more information on these events visit the USSSA's website at www.snowshoeracing.com.


Press Release

Date: October 20th, 2005
The 2006 United States National Snowshoe
Championship Series
Presented by Atlas Snowshoe Co., Kahtoola Traction Devices &
Eastern Mountain Sports
     It has been a busy 'off-season' for the United States Snowshoe Association. As preparations for the Sixth Annual U.S. National Snowshoe Championships continue at the Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley Vermont next March 24th-26th, 2006, the USSSA has been busy expanding its calendar of Regional Snowshoe Qualifying events from 8 events in 2005 to 20 events in 2006. Over 200 of the country's finest endurance athletes, representing 20-30 different U.S. States, are expected to converge on Bolton Valley for two days of exciting snowshoe events. Four National Championship Titles will be presented in the Junior Boy's and Girl's 5km and Senior Men's and Women's 10km events. A 5km Citizens Race, Kid's Kilo, 4 x 2.5 km Team Relay and 10km Nordic Trek (Walk) will also be conducted over the two days of competition.
     This past April, the USSSA's Board of Regional Athletic Delegates (the BORAD) voted to allow each region to host from 2-5 regional events next season, rather than the maximum of 2 regional events they were limited to this past season. Consequently, the USSSA's National Snowshoe Championship Series has now expanded to include 20 Regional Qualifying events culminating in the National Championships in Vermont next March. The USSSA is very excited about this new development as it is hoped that it will introduce new athletes to the Sport from all across the United States. The new Regional calendar of events is shown here, presented by region:
Northeastern U.S. (NY, VT, MA, NH, ME, CT, RI, DE, PA, MD, NJ, VA)
1.      January 8th at the Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley, Vermont.
2.      January 21st at the Mendon Ponds Winterfest in Mendon, New York.
3.      January 21st at the Hoffman Notch 6 Mile Wilderness Snowshoe Challenge, Schroon Lake, NY.
4.      February 4th at the Northfield Mountain event in Northfield, Massachusetts.
5.      February 18th at the Pennsylvania State Championships in Drums, Pennsylvania.
North Central U.S. (MI, MN, WI, IO, IL, OH)
1.      January 28th at the Bigfoot Boogie Race in Traverse City, Michigan.
2.      January 28th at the Grand Marais Moose Stomp Festival in Grand Marais, Minnesota.
3.      February 4th at the Iowa State Snowshoe Championships in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
4.      February 11th at the New World Championship Snowshoe Races in Luck, Wisconsin.
5.      February 25th at the Twin Cities Snowshoe Races in Minneapolis, MN.
Rocky Mountains (CO, MT, UT, TX, NM, WY)
1.      January 14th at the Swift Skedaddle Race in Silverthorne, Colorado.
2.      January 14th at the Rail Trail Snowshoe Stomp in Park City, Utah.
3.      January 15th the Snow Snake Stomp Snowshoe Races in Red River, New Mexico.
4.      February 12th at the Screamin Snowman Race in Nederland, Colorado.
5.      February 18th at the Gallatin Gallop Race in Bozeman, Montana.
Western U.S. (CA, OR, WA, AZ, ID, NV)
1.      January 8th at the Resort at Squaw Creek Challenge in Olympic Valley, California.
2.      January 14th at the Atlas Snowshoe Shuffle in Bend, Oregon.
3.      January 22nd at the Western Regional Snowshoe Qualifier in Flagstaff, AZ.
Alaskan Region
1.      February 4th at the Alyeska Resort Winterfest event in Girdwood, Alaska.
2.      February 4th at Fairbanks Snowshoe Classic in Fairbanks, Alalska.
To learn more about the specific qualifying procedures, go to the USSSA's website at
Sixth Annual United States National Snowshoe Championships:
Friday-Sunday March 24th-26th, 2006: Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley Vermont.
Saturday 3/25/06: 5km for Junior athletes 19 years of age and younger. 10km event for Senior athletes 20-70+ yrs. of age (5 yr. age group increments). 5km Citizen's Race. 1km Kid's Kilo event.
Sunday 3/26/06: 4 x 2.5km Snowshoe Team Relay & 10km Nordic Snowshoe Trekkers Event.
For more information contact Mark Elmore, USSSA Sports Director, at 518-643-8806, email: snowshoeguy@yahoo.com, website: www.snowshoeracing.com.
     Last season, the USSSA's BORAD voted to allow any USSSA member to become eligible to participate in the National Championships by qualifying in ANY sanctioned regional qualifying event, not necessarily a regional event from their 'home' region. So, USSSA members may now become eligible to compete in the National Championships by qualifying in ANY of the 20 regional events conducted across the Country this season. This ruling assists college students who attend college out of their home region, military personnel who are stationed away from home and athletes who travel extensively.
     The 2006 Nationals in Vermont will determine the members of the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Team. The top 3 finishers in the Junior Boy's and Girl's 5km event and the top 5 finishers in the Senior Men's and Women's 10km events earn berths on the National Team. The current 2005 National Team, outfitted by Columbia Sportswear, will be well represented at the 2006 Ciaspolada Snowshoe Race (www.ciaspolada.it) in Fondo Italy on January 6th. Numerous U.S. Team members will be attending the event, the World's largest and most competitive, to compete head to head with some of the finest snowshoe athletes from Italy, France, Finland, Russia, Poland, Germany, Morocco, Kenya, Great Britain, Spain etc.
     For more information on the U.S. Snowshoe Association's upcoming 2006 season, go to www.snowshoeracing.com. For information on the Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont, site of the 2006 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships, go to www.boltonvalley.com. For answers to specific questions, contact the USSSA Sports Director, Mark Elmore, at 518-643-8806 or snowshoeguy@yahoo.com.

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