Purpose of USSSA

Purpose of the USSSA

1. To educate and promote healthful dietary and life practices as they relate to winter activities.

2. To inform and educate individuals in practices for safe activities in winter.

3. To educate and promote snowshoeing as a national recreational and sporting activity.

4. To coordinate, instruct and guide interested individuals in the art and skill of safe snowshoeing practices.

5. To provide interested individuals with a means towar self-achievement through educational awards programs.

6. To establish snowshoe related competitions on an amateur status, develop rules and supervise adherence to such rules.

7. To sanction amateur competition, to record and compile statistics of sanctioned snowshoe events and related activities from within the United States.

8. To provide for selection and training of an international snowshoe delegation to represent the USSSA in all matters pertaining to worldwide snowshoeing.

9. To promote the organizational growth in accordance with the ruling of the international Amateur Snowshoe Racing Federation to achieve USOC recognition as the National Governing Body of Snowshoe Racing in the US.

10. To promote and encourage the growth of industry related to snowshoeing.

11. To lend support to organizations and individuals advocating the preservation of natural environments for the purpose of non-polluting recreation.